Prepared onsite

Most of the menu items are prepared onsite in the kitchen and cooked to order.

42 years


of ups and downs

For 40 years, Bo Ling’s Chinese Restaurant has been providing customers with delicious Chinese food using traditional cooking techniques and quality ingredients.

Honor and Qualification

To provide customers with better products and services, make more contributions to society.

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We look forward to your visit everyday.

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Welcome to TDH Holdings, Inc.

We are a holding company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (incorporated on September 30, 2015). Starting from 2002, our operating company Qingdao Tiandihui Pet Foodstuffs Co., Ltd worked on manufacturing pet food and sold all over the world.

We discontinued our petfood manufacturing segment in the first quarter of 2023 and currently major in the restaurant business segment. Bo Lings Chinese Restaurant, was founded in 1981. Today there are 5 Bo Lings Chinese Restaurants in the Kansas City area, as well as a warehouse for distribution of supplies. All Bo Lings restaurants are full service that include a dining area, bar, carry out menu and offer catering services. The location we purchased is in Kansas City and offers a full Cantonese Dim Sum menu and space for banquets. Most of the menu items are prepared onsite in the kitchen and cooked to order. Over the years, we believe Bo Lings has built a reputation as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Kansas City area.

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